“When He Tells You To Call Him” What does it mean?

“When He Tells You To Call Him”

Often a new man in our lives will say to us, “Call me.”
What does that mean?

Those two little words can play big games with a woman’s
mind if she’s not aware of what they really mean – and
how she should react (or not react) to them.

There’s only one time when it’s good news to hear “Call
me” from a man – and that’s when he’s already calling you
frequently. He’s already actively pursuing you, and would
be thrilled to get a call from you. That’s the way you
want it. And then, yes, DO call him. (Just not every
5 minutes.)

But it’s very different when the relationship is just
starting out, OR when he is not the one pursuing you.

As you can imagine, when woman calls a new man daily or
even more often, instead of making her calls rare and
special occasions, her calls will be far less welcome
and are much more likely to come at a bad time or become
an annoyance.

Worse still, her constant calls virtually ensure that her
man is never going to spend time thinking about her.

A man must spend time thinking about you in order to fall
in love with you!

When a man casually says “Call me,” some women assume that
this means he intends to make a date, when he was just
ending your conversation. “Call me” can be the equivalent
of the not-too-sincere “let’s have lunch.” Translation:
“Call me – a year from never!”

When we really want to get closer to a man, and he throws
out “Call me,” some women make the mistake of latching on
to this and taking it too literally.

This reveals to him that you have a lot more invested in a
future with him than he does at that point. This will make
a man want to back off from you immediately.

For advice on how to handle phone calls and email with a
man in the way that puts you in control and makes him see
how special YOU are, refer to my complete guide to Calling,
Emailing, and Texting the men you date.

This unforgettable guide will change the way you think
every time that phone rings – or doesn’t ring when you
want it to ring!

Have a great day – and keep your Flirt on!

Excerpt from Mimi Tanner
Author of “Calling Men – The Complete Guide to
Calling and Emailing the Men You Date!”


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