Men Don’t Fall In Love With “Perfect” Women

Men don’t fall for women because she’s “perfect.”

Sometimes it seems like the exact opposite is true!

This is important to know – because it means that
you can and should – RELAX.

And then relax some more!

In love, romance, and relationships, one of the most
important qualities to project is this:

Don’t appear to be “trying too hard.”

An aura of not “trying too hard” is essential in

Men looking for love are NOT looking for what
you might consider to be “perfection.”

Men understand imperfection – because men
never forget the locker room they came from!

Men don’t see themselves as perfect – at all.
Far from it.

That’s one reason men tend to be forgiving of
human blunders.

Men are far more inspired by a woman’s confidence
than by perfection.

Ask any man, and he will agree!

From my favorite author Mimi Tanner


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